Our mission

In Spanish, young people are called "to have little light”, meaning that we are silly daydreamers.

At La Bombilla Media we prove that dreaming is not dead. We are creative young innovators of the media and audiovisual communication. We work in audiovisual production to find innovative ways of storytelling.

Let’s turn on the light to a new way of understanding communication. Let’s #TurnOnLaBombilla

La Bombilla Media is a media production organization created by young people keen to tell new stories and explore the path of participatory media.

We were born as a youth association. Today, we are a renowned media production company making dreams of all scales alive.

Meet our team!

Alba Surrallés

Project Manager

Marc Gabernet

General Director

Nil Codina

Co-founder, Treasurer and International

Sergi Cano


Pau Venteo


Laia Patau